Who is God?

Who do you say God is to you?

When challenges come, what you believe is important; this is because we overcome by the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:11). The testimony is that if God did it before then He will surely do it again.

Gift to the World

In these challenging times, we are reminded to look to Jesus who gave His life as a ransom for the World. Instead of looking at the circumstances happening all around us, I want to encourage you to look to the giver of life and receive His Gift to the World!

Let Jesus Die

We have consolation in the shed blood of Jesus. Jesus has asked us to remember Him when we come to the Communion Table. He laid down His life for us so that we don't have to go through the things He went through.

During this time of pandemic when everywhere you look people are worried and concerned; as believers, we have to put our trust in Jesus because when He said 'It is finished!' He really meant 'IT IS FINISHED!'

At a time of worldwide concern about viruses, sickness and disease, come to the communion table and lay your cares at the feet of Jesus and trust Him.

Faith in Practice

God has given every born again believer a measure of faith, Faith in Practice is how we apply the measure we are given to set it to work on our behalf.

If you do not use what you are given it will die in your hand. Join Pastor Chris as he teaches how to apply your faith.

Consider Jesus

Pastor Chris talks about Jesus' promise to us, to always be with us and to help us all the time. Consider Jesus knowing He is for us and not against us.


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